This website exists to provide clients and potential clients with information concerning my unique, low-pressure approach to professional services. I am extremely proud of the high-quality services that I can provide you. You will find that I have extensive experience and knowledge in areas of tax that are not commonly found in tax resolution practices elsewhere.

Unlike collection resolution services, my tax practice focuses on representation of individuals and entities before the IRS for tax related issues arising from IRS examinations.

If you have a particular tax dispute or issue with the IRS that is currently at the examination level (not in Collection), I am confident that I can help you resolve your tax dispute with the IRS. Within the IRS, taxpayer representation can be either during examination of post-examination appeal to the Appeals Division. Other dispute resolution options available to you include alternative dispute resolution and fast track settlement.

The Appeals Division is a separate IRS division that enables you to present your case before an appeals officer to get a “fresh look” at resolving your tax case in an equitable manner for both you and the government. This means cases are resolved in Appeals by a review of all available information as developed by the examiner during the course of the examination. In Appeals, you may also introduce new information that may help support your case position to the appeals officer for consideration.

How your case is ultimately resolved should depend on the extent of the case development for the particular issue(s) as raised by the revenue agent in examination. Generally, you can be audited either directly by an examiner or indirectly by correspondence from an IRS service center.

With the recent announcement of the 2022 Inflation Reduction Act, the Biden administration is committed to strengthening the IRS ability to enforce federal tax compliance with an $80 billion dollar budget infusion that includes hiring and training 87,000 additional revenue agents to achieve that goal in the near future. At this point, it is unclear as to what taxpayer income levels would face greater IRS scrutiny from its increased examination and collection manpower. But it is likely that you would be at greater risk of being targeted for examination in some manner by the IRS.

Please feel free to browse my website to see the unique nature of tax dispute services I offer as well as the many helpful resources I provide. When you are ready to learn more about what I can do for you, I encourage you to contact me to discuss the particular details of your case. I will take the time to carefully listen to your tax problem.

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